Thursday, February 4, 2016


Good evening everyone!  My daughter came into the studio tonight and told me I needed to make more quilts with "scenes" in them?  I was like - huh?  And then she pointed to this panel quilt that I quilted for Gail.  She said it reminded her of the voyage that the pilgrims made.  Love how their little brains work!

I did some custom quilting on this quilt with a layer of Dream wool in the middle. Swirls, loops, swag border, sailboats, clouds - you name it.  I had a lot of fun on it.  Gail - hope you like the way it turned out.

If you are on Instagram - check me out @gotkwilts.  It is a lot easier to post there and super easy to use. 

Have a great evening and Happy Kwilting!  Richla


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