Sunday, March 13, 2011

Almost done!

Oh my goodness!  What did I get myself into???  I am working on a quilt that is truly only for the advanced quilter.  I am not an advanced quilter.  I love the colors in this quilt and I always wanted to make  a Lone Star quilt because my Grandma left me one and I thought that it would be so neat to try and re-create some of her quilts.  Why is it called a Lone star quilt?  Is it because there is only one lone star in the center or is it for the Lone Star state of TX?  If you know, please leave me a comment.  This quilt really gave me challenges.  Never mind that over half of my triangle points are cut off - I tried, I really did.  And don't look too close at all the buckles and waves in the quilt.  I am grateful that I am the one doing the longarm quilting.  I would be mortified to take it to anyone else.  I didn't stretch the fabrics in the middle, but boy did I have to stretch and press to get those borders to go on properly.  I can hear you all cringing right now.  Anyway, I am obsessing - take a look for yourself.  I'll have it finished and quilted by the end of the week and will post more pictures.  Keep your fingers crossed that it hangs straight!  Take care....

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