Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turning Twenty

I read an article today in Quilting Quarterly about this gorgeous museum that displays beautful antique quilts.  As I was looking at the pictures of the quilts, all the descriptions said the same thing:  Maker unknown, circa 1830 - 1860, good condition, etc.  Some of these quilts were unbelievably beautiful and intricate.  It would take me years to make one of these quilts.  It made me sad that there was no quilt label on any of these quilts to acknowledge the maker, owner and other tasty bits of trivia.  So lesson learned - MAKE LABELS for all of your quilts!  Take a look at this fun quilt that Ellen made for her son for Christmas. The pattern is called Turning Twenty.  I used Dream cotton batting (it's going to TX) and a design called Inside Out.  Hope you like it!

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