Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the Moment....

It can be a dangerouse question that I ask when someone brings me a quilt.  I almost always ask "who is this quilt for?"  For the most part, I get the typical response:  "It's a wedding gift, a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, it's for me! "  Then on occasion I get, "It's for my Mom, or friend or child who is dying of cancer."  Big breath.....  I take a look at the person again and then at the quilt.  All the quilts in the cue move back one spot - this one is going on my frame next.  It was a day back in August that Patty called and said "I have a couple of quilts for you and is it ok if I bring over a friend?"  "Sure I said - the more the merrier."  It was that day that I met Sherri Starr.  Both Patty and Sherri had made the same quilt but with very different border and backing fabrics.  As we were looking through the designs, I asked Sherri who the quilt was for.  "It's for me.  I thought it would be a nice quilt to keep me warm after I go through my chemo."  Really big breath.....  I looked up at Sherri and then at Patty and neither one was making a big deal, so I didn't either.  We kept looking at designs and kept changing our minds until we opened the page and there was In the Moment.  It was perfect!  Big voluptuous swirls and big circles bouncing of the swirls.  Sherri  said "This is it!"  It quilted up gorgeous and we were all so happy with how it turned out.  I had never used that design before Sherri, but have used it several times since then.  Not a time has gone by that I have not thought "There is Sherri's design!"  Sherri crossed my thoughts last week and I came up to my computer to look up her number to see how she was doing.  My little one started screaming and the puppy started barking and my day got busy and I never called.  I received an email this morning that Sherri lost her battle with cancer this morning.  Really, really big breath.................................................................................................  I was not close to Sherri, but Sherri, you had an impact on me.  Life has taught me a valuable lesson today - live in the moment.  My life gets busy - really busy. BUT, I should always remember to try and live in the moment.  Sherri, I hope your lovely soul has found it's way to heaven.  Take care my fellow quilter.....


  1. I too Richla think about Sherri and all her wonderful quilts and I am reminded how much joy she received from them. Susan

  2. Such a beautiful post. We all need the reminder to live in the moment

  3. it is very important to love everyday
    we never know when it is our last