Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneak Peek for Sue

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I am posting a picture out of sequence, but since I am seeing Sue tomorrow, I know she would appreciate a sneak peek at one of her quilts.  What do you think?  I wanted to stay true to the feel of the fabrics but make it sweet for a little girl.  See you if can find her name - Hannah.  It is actually at the bottom of the quilt, but it came across as a vertical picture.  I quilted swirls in the outer border with feathers in the smaller border.  Huge feathers in the colorful big blocks and beautiful flowers and swirly ribbons in the white blocks.  Of course, wool batting and white thread.   Sue - great job - this quilt laid so flat on my frame - it made my work a lot easier. Hope you like it!!!

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