Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fractured Quilt

Good Evening Everyone!  I can't believe it - but I finished a quilt for me.  Well, almost finished - I still have to do the binding AND it is just a wall hanging.  BUT, I finished something this year - woohoo!  This quilt came from a class I took in January at Gathering Fabric called Fractured Quilt.  Eda taught the class and I think the finished result is really cool.  You will see on the back of this quilt what the original purple fabric started out as and then of course the finished result.  You literally take the same piece of fabric, cut it up, rearrange it and sew it back together.  I quilted feathers/pearls in the outer border, snails in the small green border and a design all over in the middle called Tangled.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Do you start cuttting all the panels from the same point.

  2. Very lovely. Looking to learn this technique. pegquilter8@aol.comWhere to find teacher?

  3. Where do I buy this pattern please