Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Sampler Quilt

Good Evening!  Hope you all had a great day!  Wonder if we will be waking up to snow in the morning - can't wait!  Take a look at the beautiful quilt that Debra made for her brother's upcoming birthday.  It was a sampler quilt that she made quite a while back.  We did some semi-custom quilting on it.  I used a design called Tangled in the big outer border and a design called Fireworks in the red outer border and in the inner sashings around the middle row.  A design called Star Spangled is allover in the middle except for the center row where I did some more custom quilting on those blocks.  If you look at the back, you can get a better view of the border designs and I think the basket block turned out really cool.   Cotton batting and 3 thread colors: red, cream and blue.  Nice work as always Debra!  Hope you like it!!!  Take care, Richla

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