Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lost in Translation

Hello everyone!  If you haven't noticed lately, I have been quilting alot of edge to edge quilts.  With the exception of these past 3 posts, that is all I have had time for.  My little ones have had an unusually hectic schedule which has left me little time for "Kwilting".  If you have a semi-custom or custom quilt hanging in my closet, I am so sorry for how long it is taking me to get those turned around.  I am turning the corner with the scheduling, so you will start seeing more posts of semi custom and custom quilts.  Bear with me!  :)

Below is another baby quilt made by Becky's friend in AZ.  I took this quilt out of the box yesterday, loaded it, quilted it and mailed it back today.  I really, really wanted to use a bright  mint green thread on this quilt, but all I had in my closet were lime and olive and dark green threads.  Argh!  I decided to use the salmon pink thread because the yellow and blue threads got completely lost.   Lots of treasures to find.  I quilted a wreath of zoo animals right in the middle of the quilt.  3 different border designs, and pebbling and swirls on those cute elephants.   The photographs do not do this one justice.   Such a cute quilt Becky!  Tell your friend she did a nice job.  Hope you like the way it turned out!!!  Richla

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