Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Absolutely Stunning!

Good Evening everyone!  Hope you had a great day!  I finished Patty's beautiful quilt today.  This quilt measures about 100  x 108.  In the hopes of saving money, we used a design allover from the applique flowers outward called "Old Oakky".  I did freehand swirls around the flowers with more leaves and acorns in the triangles.  I turned the stars into flowers and did some fun swirls in the flying geese.  On the big center star, I did radiating lines from the bias tape outward, dense stipple around the star to make it puff up and then swirls inside the star. Wool batting and coordinating thread throughout.   Patty - you did an amazing job!  This quilt was super flat and straight on my frame which is just wonderful considering the size.  You are truly a great piecer.  Hope you like the way it turned out!   I'll call you in the morning. 

The next one going on is one by Gigi. It is from the scrappy plate club by Bunny Hill. Can't wait to work on it!!!  Take care, Richla

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! You did an amazing job quilting it.