Thursday, June 7, 2012

Texas Rain!

OMG!  I had a tennis match today when we got a gully washer.  Wow!  Now that was some wonderful rain - reminded me of being back home in TX!  Love it!!!  Here are two more beautiful quilts.  The first one is by Cheryl.  We used a design in the outer borders called Old Oakky and in the plainer blocks in the middle we did pumpkins and more acorns. In between, I disconnected from Thelma and worked in swirls, leaves and echoes.   Lots of fun things on this quilt!   The second one is by Deborah.  We used a design called Eve's flower in the big border and Eve's leaf in the small border.  A Tisket A Tasket is allover in the middle.  Cotton batting and cream/orange thread.  Nice work ladies!  Hope you like the way they turned out!  Take care, Richla

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