Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!  Here are 3 more beautiful quilts to inspire you.  The first one is by Mary and is a sweet baby quilt.  We used a design allover called a Drop of Paisley (the baby's name is going to be Paisley) with a hot pink thread and cotton batting. 

The second quilt is by Susie.  Love the charcoal gray and yellow.  Susie put prairie points on the outer border so I had to stay away from them to keep them from pointing straight up but even then I had some challenges, so I ended up stitching in the ditch around the outer border and that seemed to help them lie flatter.  We used a design in the outer border called Carousel Swirl with Spilt paint allover in the middle.  Wool batting and white thread.

The last one is by Cyndi.  So colorful!  We used a design allover called In the Moment with a variegated thread and cotton batting.  Nice work ladies!  I can't wait to show you what I started working on later today.  I'll post some early pictures tomorrow.  Take care, Richla

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