Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Off on our next trip!

Hi Everyone!  Hope all is well!  We had a great time in Leavenworth and we are off again in the morning to Bend, OR.  I hear there is a quilt show in Pioneer Square this weekend and I'm also looking forward to seeing some new quilt shops.  Can't wait!  Here are the pictures from the finished Buggy Barn quilt by Nancy and I managed to finish quilting another beautiful quilt by Debra.

I did some custom work on Debra's quilt.  I wanted the quilting to be very organic because the fabrics have caterpillars, snakes, geckos and lots of simple movements in the fabrics.  I did alot of squiggly lines, pebbles and swirls.  There is alot of quilting in the darker fabrics which unfortunately doesn't show up, but you can see the efforts in the solid fabrics.  Nice work as always Debra!  Hope you like the way it turned out.  Take care,  Richla

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