Saturday, October 6, 2012

Post card Quilt

Good Afternoon everyone!  Hope your weekend is going great!  Here is a beautiful quilt that Linda made for her daughter who lives in Hawaii.  We used a design allover called Beach Party with wool batting and white thread.  Really nice work Linda!  Hope you like the way it turned out. 
I only have more quilt to post before I am caught up on my backlog of quilts.  My longarm,Thelma, has been sitting idle this past week.  It looks like there were some problems with the joists in my sewing studio.  Those are fixed but it delayed the hardwoods.  Those are getting installed Monday and then I have to wait another week before staining/finishing.  I've decided that once they are installed on Monday that I am going to take all the plastic off Thelma and work on Dorena's Halloween quilt next week.  Then I'll put all the plastic back on and will have to wait to work on another one until a week from this Thursday.  It will be worth it in the end.  I put a picture of poor "Thelma" sitting all alone in my sewing studio.  I sure miss working up there.....


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  1. Now that`s what i called creativity...this quilt inspires me a lot...