Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Vintage Spool

Hello everyone!  I loved how foggy it was this morning.  I know you will think I am crazy, but I can't wait for our first big windy/rainy day.  The weather is so wonderful to watch from my sewing studio.  I just can't wait!

I worked on Dorena's Halloween quilt all day yesterday and finished it up this morning.  I really need to get mine finished.  Dorena did a great job on the applique.  There are lots of fun things for Dorena to find on this quilt.  I just love the witch in the middle and the owl and the cat.  Aren't they cute?!  The pattern is by Verna of The Vintage Spool (  I did swirls, squiggly lines, stipple, spiderwebs, echoing and other fun things on this quilt.  I was intimidated by all of those bones on that skeleton - but I decided to just leave them alone and I just outlined all around them. 

Dorena brought her own warm and natural batting and I used coordinating thread throughout.  Really nice work Dorena!  Hope you like the way it turned out!  Take care, Richla

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