Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 by Kim

Good Afternoon everyone!  Hope you all had a great Halloween!  My little ones collected so much candy - OMG! 

I managed to finish up 3 beautiful quilts by Kim. The first one is a batik quilt and we used a design called Seaweed allover with a golden brown thread.  The second one we used Peacock allover with a pale yellow thread and the final one we used a design called Feather and Flower allover with a pale yellow thread.  I think this Peacock design may be my new favorite.  I love how it quilted up.  We used cotton batting on all three.  Really nice work Kim!  Hope you like the way they turned out. 

Finally, remember I am doing a giveaway and a food drive.  You can scroll down to the post below to see the info.  Have a a great day!  Richla

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  1. What cute little trick or treaters, glad the weather turned out for them!!