Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Friday!

Hello everyone!  I am tired and not feeling 100% today.  My oldest stayed home from school and then the little one said she was not feeling well.  She was actually ok, but I was too tired to fight the battle.  Sooo, we all stayed home today.  I finished up 2 quilts today and could have done a third, but I am calling it a day.

The first one is by Sharon.  These wonderful fabrics are by Henry Glass.  Love the gray!  We did simple meandering on this one with white thread and she brought her own warm and white batting.  Nice work Sharon!

The second one is the Civil War General's Wives quilt that I finally finished.  I am giving this to my husband for Christmas.  For the record, he does not like quilts.  I can hear you all gasping.  Here are his complaints:  They are not big enough, they are not soft enough and they are flat like cardboard.  Well, this quilt is 100 x 100 so size should be good. I cheaped out and did not buy minky for the back, but I did buy flannel.  So the back is soft.  And I used 2 layers of wool batting.  This thing is so puffy and it is huge!  LOVE the double batting!  It makes those blocks look like they are coming to life.  I used a design called Poly Anna with a tan thread.  I quilted it really loose so you could see and feel the effect of the double layer of batting.  What do you think?   Take care and have a great weekend!  We get to see Santa this weekend and my oldest is having her birthday at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday.  WooHoo!  More germs.  :)


  1. Your Generals Wives looks beautiful.

  2. Love the puffy Generals! By the way, my husband does not like quilts either, nor do my children, but that hasn't stopped me!!!