Monday, January 7, 2013

The flu....

Good evening everyone! The flu is making the news. And of course, my oldest woke up last night with the cough of death. Argh! I kept her home from school today and she sat in my chair in my sewing studio all day while I worked on a couple of quilts. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. I'm sure I am next in line to get it.

I finished up a couple of quilts today. Both of them were pretty much free motion quilting instead of the computer. A nice change.... The first one is by Beth. She designed this herself and it is going to hang in her church. She wanted the quilting on tree to mimic the bark and behind it wind. I did my best - I think it turned out really nice. The second one is a table runner paper pieced by Cindy. All I have to do is get the binding sewn on and it is ready to go. I did a swirly circle design in the middle of each of the suns, and lots of lines and my version of rays coming off the sun. Both quilts had 2 layers of cotton batting. What do you think? Have a great one! Richla

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