Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding my groove!

Good Morning everyone!  Is it Thursday already???  I finished up a few more quilts this week.  Just two more and then I get to start quilting  Chicks Jubilee by Bunny Hill.  WooHoo! Joyce at Keepsake Cottage in Bothell made it and they are going to feature it as a BOM starting either in March or April.  I can't wait!!!

As far as the quilts I have finished so far this week, the first one here is by Lyn.  A great example of doing an allover design over applique.  We used a design called Denali with a golden brown thread and cotton batting.  The second quilt is also by Lyn and was made for Camp Korey.  I picked a design allover called Heart Throb with black thread on top and red on the bottom with cotton batting.

I also managed to finish piecing a very simple quilt that I can't wait to put on the frame.  It's by Tula Pink.  Look at the quilting on the pattern - OMG!

And finally, the last quilt is by Cathie.  A huge gorgeous quilt.  We used a design called Seaweed in the big outer border and allover in the middle.  Grooving stopborder is in the piano key border and Dragonfly grass is in the cream border.  I wonder how they come up with the names for these designs.  :)  Wool batting and a golden neutral thread by Glide.  Nice work ladies!  Have a great day!  Richla

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