Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 quilts by Connie!

Good evening!  Hope you all had a great day!  Here are two beautiful quilts by Connie.  Connie is a wonderful little lady I met up at QWNW.  She is 98 and started quilting in the 70's then stopped and picked it up again about a year ago.  Amazing!  I love looking at her quilts because she uses a lot of her scraps from way back when.  The first one here is for one of her great grand daughters.  We used a design allover called Heart Throb with Hot pink thread and cotton batting. On the second one we used a design allover called Anne's Favorite with cotton batting and a royal blue thread.  Nice work Connie!  Take care, Richla

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  1. How inspiring!! Beautiful quilts and quilting too!