Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good afternoon!  It was awful quiet when I got back this morning from the school bus.  My little one started Kindergarten and the other one is in 1st grade.  They are so excited!  I finally managed to finish up Kay's beautiful quilt today.  I quilted feathers, marbles and swirls allover this quilt.  A layer of wool batting and neutral thread.  Really nice work Kay!  Hope you like the way it turned out!!!  Take care, Richla

She is on a mission to get to class!  Very determined to carry all of that stuff on her back.  HeeHee!


  1. Oh my! Richla, I love, love, love it! Your quilting really enhances this very soft quilt and brings it to life! Thank you!

  2. The quilt is really beautiful. Great job of quilting it. Your daughters are so cute! I hope they had a good first week back.