Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finding Mojo....

Good Morning!  It's Saturday!  I have been trying to find my sewing mojo this year.  People always ask me how I find the time to sew and every year, I still make 7-9 quilts.  However, this year we are into March and I have made nothing.  Just not like me....  I don't know if I will find my mojo this weekend but at least I get to look at all of your beautiful quilts!

This first one is by Mary.  I used a design allover called Modern Ties with gold thread and wool batting.  Look at those beautiful fabrics!  Nice work Mary!

Eileen made this next quilt.  I used a design allover called Drop of Paisley with neutral thread and a double layer of cotton batting.  Such a pretty table topper!

And finally, this last one is by Lyn.  I used a design allover called Retro Hearts with white thread and cotton batting.  Love!

Have a great weekend!  Chat soon, Richla

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