Monday, March 17, 2014

Two by Karen...

Good Afternoon!  Turned out to be a gorgeous day!  Here are a couple of quilts by Karen.  Sorry for the poor pic on the first one - I must have moved.  :)  This first quilt I used a stars, loops and swirls all over with a double layer of wool batting.  Green thread on top and orange thread on the bottom.  Super puffy!  Great baby quilt!

This second one is going to be a wall hanging.  I used a design allover called Circus with purple thread and cotton batting.  Love! 

And finally, I have a brand new cutting mat for sale.  My friend Ellen ordered it and it is too big for her table.  White mat with blue lines; measures 40.25 x 72.5.  It's an awesome size.  $160 is what she paid.  Let me know if you are interested:

Chat soon!  Richla

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