Monday, May 21, 2012

2 glorious quilts!

Good evening!  Hope you each had a wonderful day!  Here are 2 beautiful quilts.  The first one is a signature quilt by Kathy.  This is a wedding gift and the guests all signed a piece of muslin which she built into the quilt.  What a great idea!  We used a design allover called Soft and Sweet with a lime green thread and wool batting.  The second one is by Charo.  You should see the sheen on this fabric - it just sparkles and catches the light wonderfully!  We used 3 designs on this quilt.  In the outer border we used gingko dragonfly.  On the inner border we used ginkgo berries and asian leaves are allover in the middle.  A golden brown thread and cotton batting.  Really nice work ladies!  Hope you like the way they turned out!  Take care, Richla

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