Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Good Afternoon everyone!  Wasn't today a gorgeous day!  I managed to finish up Michelle's quilt today and get started on another one.  Michelle's quilt is a pattern by The Vintage Spool.  I just love the fabrics.  I quilted feathers in the outer border, leaves in the green border and circles frame the blocks.  In the blocks I tried to follow the original quilting design with feather motifs but since the quilt looked sort of puckery in the blank spaces, I filled in with swirls.  Cotton batting and cream thread.  Really nice work Michelle! 

The second one I loaded today is by Pat.  This was sampler quilt at Gathering Fabric last year.  I love the lavender fabrics and the barns.  I'm working on lots of treasures for Pat to find.  Here are a few pics.  It will take me another day or two to get it finished.  Hope you like the quilts!  I try every day to get better.  Take care, Richla

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