Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good evening everyone! Hope you had a great day! Today was sewing day for our little sewing group. We started our group about 5 years ago and get together twice a month here at my home to sew and gossip. Needless to say, I did not get much done on the longarm today. I did manage to keep working on the applique quilt that I loaded yesterday.

When Michelle brought me this quilt, she also brought the pattern that showed how the original longarm quilter had quilted the quilt. It was very loose quilting with feather medallions in the middle of the big applique shapes and then unusual feather shapes to fill the awkward spaces around the applique. There was alot of empty space. Sooooo, I started doing the same thing but the empty spaces were puckery and looked un-quilted. So, I added my swirly style to it. It is so hard to determine if I like the end result or not. There are 2 very different styles on this quilt. Looking back, I should have just filled all the excess space around the applique with my swirls instead of the feathers and swirls. What do you think? I'll be finished with it tomorrow and get the whole quilt photographed to see how it really turned out. It's hard to tell when it is stretched out under the bright lights..... Michelle is probably going to kill me.... :) Another lesson learned this week.... Take care, Richla

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