Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lone Star

Hi Everyone and Happy Father's Day!  I managed to finish up my Lone star quilt today while my husband was at a masssage.  :)  I made a pink lone star last year and it took me forever to make because I wanted all my points to be perfect.  So, before making my second one, I took Judy Irish's Lone star class at Gathering Fabric.  It was alot more fun to make the quilt and honestly you can't tell that none of my points are perfectly matched.  I can't tell except for when it was on Thelma, then they were all glaring at me harshly - and it made it harder to quilt.  Sooooo, not sure what method to use next time I make one.  I think if you are using up a bunch of scraps then Judy's method is the best.  Otherwise..... I think the time obsessing about the points is worth it.

I decided when I quilted this one that I wasn't going to let the quilting disappear like it did on the pink one.  I spent alot of time in the pink border on the pink Lone star and you can't tell a thing.  So, I decided on this one to use black thread, yes Black thread on the pink border and inside the entire star itself.  The jury is still out.  Now I can see my beautiful border pattern that I stitched but not sure if it is my taste.  I think it will have to hang for a while and then I will make up my mind.  I used 2 layers of batting:  warm and natural and dream wool.  I will always use 2 layers of batting from here on out on all of my quilts - it is unbelievable the difference.  Love it.  Let me know what you think.  Can you see the butterflies???

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