Friday, June 15, 2012


Good Afternoon Everyone!  I managed to get 3 quilts done today by Valli!  3 beautiful baby quilts!!!  The first one we used a design allover called Sleepy Time with a light grey thread.  The other two, we used a design allover called Denali with a cream thread.  Nice work Valli!  Hope you like the way they turned out!

I have decided to quilt one of my quilts this weeked.  It is another Lone star, so we shall see how much time I get on it this weekend, otherwise I'll finish it up on Monday.  I have a set game plan for the custom quilting on it, so that should help it go quicker.    My quilts are stacking up in the closet - so hope you all don't mind. 
Have a great weekend!  Richla

PS - I added some new offers under "Special Offers" at the top of my blog.  Check them out!

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