Friday, June 22, 2012

Nurse Central

Hi Everyone!  What a glorious day to be inside.  I have been nursing 2 sick little girls today.  Luckily they both slept alot this morning, so I managed to get some work done.  I got to work on 2 beautiful quilts today.  The first one is by Lori.  Another t-shirt quilt that is going to be a gift.  We used a design allover called Van Gogh with wool batting and a variegated light blue thread.  The second one is by Michelle.  OMG!  I just love these fabrics and those little birds are darling.  Great piecing Michelle!  We used a design allover called Serendipity with an antique cream thread and cotton batting.  I really wanted to get a 3rd quilt finished but it just didn't happen.  I did get it loaded and it is a cute Christmas quilt made by Anita.  Can't wait to work on it! 

Have I mentioned how lucky I am?!!!  So much creativity comes through my door each day.  Love, Love, Love!  Have a great weekend!  Richla

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