Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shades of Gray...

Hello everyone!  Phew it has been a busy week.  I had no idea how many forms you have to fill out for Kindergarten.  I have been at the school every day this week and go back today for Open House and the teacher meet and greet.  I am so ready for that school bus next week.  :)

I have slowly managed to finish this beautiful king size quilt made by Mary.  These fabrics are just divine!  How I wish I had enough hours in the day to make all the quilts I want to make.  This one is now on my list.  Great job Mary!  We used wool batting for that puffy look and I tried to quilt it like the quilting in the magazine.  There is hatching in the gray outer border, loops in the gray sashings, swirls in the triangles and a design allover in the middle called Denalli.  There are matching king size shams that I have to do next.  We shall see how far I get on those today.  Happy "Kwilting"!

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