Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vote for your favorite...

Good Evening!  Take a look at these 2 snowball quilts that Joyce made.  They are so cute!  They are identical except for the backing fabric.  We used a design on one called Tangled.  I feel it looks like the wind is swirling around on a cold day.  On the other quilt we used a design called Snowflakes.  They both are great!  Joyce brought her own cotton batting and we used an ice blue thread on both.  Which design is your favorite?  Post a comment and let us know!  Take care, Richla


  1. Hi Richla, I love both of them, the snowmen blowing in the wind and the snowflakes falling on them. Thank you!

  2. They're both so pretty - and I love the little birdy fabric. But my fave is "tangled," I love swirls!