Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Remember this one?

Good Evening!  I have no idea how I managed to get this quilt finished up today - but I did!  Volunteer work at my daughter's school, 2 doctor's appointments all over town plus taking care of my girls.....  Phew!  And this adorable quilt is not an easy one to quilt.  That basket weave behind the Christmas present is quilting - not the fabric.  I just love this Riley Blake design.  I believe it is still a free pattern download on her website (  Gathering Fabric had this kitted up last year and I love seeing the fabrics.  Lise made this quilt.  In the Moment Arch is in the outer border, sticky buns as a filler for most areas and basket weave, circles and squiggles in and around the present.  Nice work Lise!  You got that present nice and straight in the box!  I was hoping to start another one this evening but I have a terrible head cold and think I should hit the hay and try to start fresh tomorrow.  Take care, Richla


  1. So cute Lise, love the quilting too Richla!!

    1. I know. I will pick it up later today. Canèt wait to have it in my hands.


  2. Very cute quilt and impressive quilting, that basket weave is something.