Sunday, December 2, 2012

A crazy few days...

Hi Everyone!  Boy has it been busy around here.  My sister arrived from San Antonio late Thursday night.  We dropped the girls at school on Friday morning and headed north to Tulalip Casino and the outlet malls!  Somehow, I got lucky and hit $100 on the slot machines.  WooHoo!  I never win on the slots.  Of course, spent it and more at the outlet mall.  :)

We headed out to see the beautiful Christmas lights at the Bellevue botanical gardens on Saturday night.  If you have never been, you should definitely go one evening.  Amazing what they can do with those lights!   And finally, we had formal pictures taken today. Crazy!  And to end it all, our alarm system went off about an hour ago and so I was going through the house while talking to 911.  Luckily, it must have been the wind - but it does make you think.....

My sister also brought me a beautiful quilt that her friend Rachel and some other girlfriends made for Rachel's daughter.  There were some flowers attached to the quilt that we had to trim off and we also had to glue down the prairie points in the middle.  But at least I had time to do some semi-custom work on it.  It is huge!  I used a design all around the outside and inside called Ocean Froth.  Around the the other flowers that we could not trim off, I did some meandering.  I decided to use puff batting to keep it lighter in weight and a neutral thread.  I think considering the small amount of time I had to work on it that it came out really nice. What do you think?  Have a great evening - I'll post more this week!  Richla


  1. Hi Richla, The quilt is beautiful. Your pictures are adorable, love the smiles.

  2. Oh my gosh. the lights! I'm new to Washington (moved here last January) and i'm looking for some holiday lights. That display sounds just magical!!!!!