Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Good Morning!  I don't know how it is down in Redmond, but up here at Whistler it is really coming down.  A few feet of snow expected today.  Just gorgeous!  My little ones are taking there first ever ski lesson.  They didn't seem toooo excited, so we shall see how today goes. I think they look like little astronauts!    I am taking a day off and hitting the spa today.  WooHoo!  We are taking a sleigh ride this evening and then eating a fondue dinner.  YUM! 

Before I left, I finished up a quilt by Mary.  Love the red and black fabrics!  We used a design allover called Dragonflies by Tammy Finkler with wool batting for that puffy look and black thread.  Nice work Mary!  I'll give you a call when we get back this weekend for you to pick it up.  Have a great day!  Take care, Richla

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  1. No snow here in Redmond. I wish I was there with you!! I love Whistler! Enjoy!!