Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soft and Sweet

Good evening everyone!  I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing this beautiful quilt design called Soft and Sweet.  We used it on this quilt by Pat.  It really fits the fabrics don't you think?  We used wool batting with white thread on top and a pale yellow thread on the back.  Nice work Pat!  Hope you like the way it turned out.

And finally a note on backings.  I know they are the last thing that most of us do after spending lots of time of the top of the quilt.  But, it is just as important.  Backings should be 8 inches total wider and 8 inches total longer than the quilt. If your quilt top is 50 x 50 then the back should be 58 x 58.   Less means your quilt top might get trimmed and the back may not get nice and taut because I don't have much to clamp on.  If the backing is too big, then it is a  struggle to get the back nice  and straight and opens up the door for puckers on the back.  Another important thing is to use a seam that is 1/2 inch when making the back.   When a quilt back is stretched out, that 1/4 inches seam closes up, but at 1/2 inch, it opens up and lays really nice on the frame. 

Hope this info was helpful!  Have a great one and Happy "Kwilting"!  Richla

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  1. Love the quilt pattern on this oneRichla! By the way, saw they now have Nancy Drew fabric!!