Thursday, February 7, 2013


Good Evening!  I wasn't sure what to title this post other than what I did.  This has been the week from you know what.  A water restoration team came out on Monday and hooked up a bunch of equipment in the kitchen and the crawl space to try and extract all the water from our hardwood floors.  Nice in theory except it is like walking into a wind tunnel in my kitchen.  The noise and air circulation is crazy. It's amazing I don't just blow out of there.  HeeHee!  They say it may be there for another 5-6 days - argh!  That combined with my daughter's science fair this week, kindergarten registration for my little one (can't believe it!), volunteer work, etc didn't leave much time for "Kwilting".  Hence the reason I am mortified.

Sigh.........  I did finish up my Halloween quilt on Monday ( I say finished - I still have to do embellishments, hanging sleeve and binding) and loaded Gigi's cute quilt.  I took a picture of it today.  Prairie points can be a booger to work around.  You can see after I start stitching how they just stick right up.  Nothing is keeping them down.  After I finish quilting, I will have to go back and stitch in the ditch around them.  It will help a little but not a lot.  Something to keep in mind on future quilts.  Have a great one - if I finish up Gigi's quilt tomorrow, I'll try to get the pictures posted before the weekend.  Take care, Richla

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