Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playing it safe...

I have always said there are two different types when it comes to picking thread for a quilt:  Those of you who like neutral thread regardless of how dark the fabrics get and those of you who like to see the bright or dark threads on light fabrics.  Here is a perfect example of a beautiful quilt which could have used darker thread for the quilting.  Becky made this beautiful quilt and had told me she wanted a dark salmon pink thread to make the quilting pop.  When she came to discuss the quilt, she came with her friend who had the opposite view point.  Neither is right or wrong, it is simply a matter of what you want.  Becky chose the neutral thread.  We used a design allover in the middle called Tangled, with feathers in between the applique flowers and curves and feathers in the triangles.  I think this quilt would have looked gorgeous with a dark sage green thread with the Tangled design allover the whole quilt but the flowers prohibited that because they were raw edge and very ruffly.  Choosing thread is hard -but regardless of that, I think the quilt turned out beautifully.  Nice work Becky!  We used wool batting and the thread was a pale blue.  Take care, Richla

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