Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can this weather be any more gorgeous?!!!

Wow!  Loving how beautiful our days are......  Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine.  My little ones get out of school in 10 days and they are so excited.  :)

Here are a couple more quilts I finished up.  The first one is by Mary.  A fun, bright quilt for her grand daughter.  We used a design in the outer border called Delight and Heart Throb is allover in the middle.  We used two layers of Dream wool batting and a lime green thread.  Love the puffiness of this quilt!

The second one is by Susan.  This was a Saturday Sampler quilt from Gathering Fabric a couple of years ago.  We used a design in the outer border called Damask, with Carousel Swirl in the red border and a Drop of Paisley allover in the middle.  Warm and natural batting in the middle and neutral thread.

Nice work ladies!  Hope you like the way they turned out.  Take care, Richla

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