Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 by Dorena...

Good evening everyone!  Hope you enjoyed your day!  Here are 3 treasures made by Dorena.  The first one is a cute bunny quilt.  We used a design allover called Luna with neutral thread.  The second one we used a design allover called Cotton Candy (although I think it looks like clouds) with a pale butter thread and the last one (my favorite) we used a design allover called Heart Throb with a shiny brown thread by Glide.  Dorena brought her own warm and natural batting for all three.  Nice work Dorena!  Hope you like the way they turned out. 
Take care, Richla


  1. Love the bunny rabbits, all three are adorable.

  2. Thanks Richla, love the way all turned out!! Thanks Joyce!!