Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Way too long................

Hi everyone!  I think it has been way too long since my last post.  How many times can I say life is a little crazy around here?!  I have working away as best as I can and here are a few more to show you. 

The first two here are by Laurie.  I really like the black background in contrast to the bright fabrics!  The first one we used a design called Spilt Paint with a dark green thread and the second one we used a design called Fidget with black thread.  Laurie brought her own warm and natural batting. 

These next two are by Pat.  We used a design called Target with a cobalt blue thread and wool batting on the first one.  The second one we used a design called In the jungle with a light grey thread and cotton batting.

The next one is by Diane.  Love the this table runner.  I did veins in the pumpkin and then a free motion swirl/leaf design around the pumpkins. Squares on point are in the sashes.  Love!!!

And finally, this last one is by Lucy.  We used a design allover called Modern Curves.  Every time I photograph this design I feel like the quilt is moving in the wind.  Such movement this design brings to quilts.  White thread and wool batting.

I have more to post but I'll get that done tomorrow.  Have a great evening and Happy "Kwilting!"  Richla

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