Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A few more...

Good evening!  Hope you are all enjoying our beautiful October weather!  Here are a few more quilts I have finished up.  The first two here are by Theresa.  On the first one, we used a design called Batik with black thread (yes black!) and wool batting.  The second one we used a design called Paisley Feathers with a lilac thread and wool batting.  Love the dimension on both of the quilts.  Nice work Theresa!

This next one is a very large French braid by Junko.  We used several designs on this quilt with a gold thread by Glide and she brought her own polyester batting.  Really nice piecing by Junko.

And finally, this last quilt is a sample hanging up at Gathering Fabric.  I experimented and used a new metallic thread called Glisten by Fil Tec.  It is a dark silver thread.  I couldn't get good pictures so you will have to go into Gathering to see how it sparkles in the light.  2 layers of dream cotton batting.  Love!  The design is called Champagne.

Have a great evening!  Richla

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