Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time for more...

Good morning everyone!  Hope all is going well today!  Before I load up some more pictures, just thought I would let you know that I have room for 2-3 more allovers if anyone is in dire need of a quilt done by Christmas.  I have a big bunch set for January so that has left my window open for next week. 

Ok - here we go.  I lost the battery charger for my camera, so I have 3 days of work with no pictures (sorry!) but here are a few more pictures for you to see.  This first one is a little doll quilt by Eileen.  We used feathers in the outer border, stipple in the middle and stitch in the ditch around the green border.  A double layer of cotton batting and neutral thread.  Look at those little squares - they are 3/4 inch in diameter.  Crazy piecing!!!

This next one is by Korina.  We used a design allover called Jungle friends with cotton batting a  dark chocolate thread.  Love!

Linda made this next stunning quilt.  We used a design allover called Sparks with a variegated olive thread and wool batting.

This lovely batik quilt was made by Sheila.  We used a shiny thread by Glide and a design called Denali with cotton batting.  A very elegant quilt...

This next cute baby quilt is by Judy.  We used a design allover Target with an orange sherbert thread  and a double layer of cotton batting. I love how double layers of batting provide such depth for the quilting.  Super cute!

This fun Christmas sampler is by Kathy. We used a design allover called Tangled with a light blue thread and cotton batting.  Great job for your first quilt!

And finally, a beautiful quilt by Marie.  We did some custom work on this one... feathers, swirls.  We used a layer of cotton batting and neutral thread.  Love the vines and the pumpkins.

Have a great day!  More pictures to post later.  :)  Richla

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  1. I wish I had something for you to do but haven't done any piecing for a little while and starting to feel anxious.. :) Love viewing your work and the wonderful quilts you get to work on.