Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Good Morning!  I almost finished up my first quilt this year.  I am behind!  This was a selection of fabrics I found at a quilt shop in San Antonio, TX called Las Colchas (  A very cute quilt shop if you ever make it down there.

I used 2 layers of batting:  Dream Cotton select on the bottom and Dream wool on the top.  One of my favorite combos.  The fabrics are 100% linen.  Piecing the chevron was easy because you did it on top of muslin but the hot pink linen was very stretchy and wrinkly.  I was really worried when I loaded it.  I will say though - it quilted up like a dream.  I squared the whole quilt up after I got it off the frame.  I used a hot pink thread one shade lighter than the background fabric to give it a little depth.  I used one of my extra wide backing fabrics in a dark purple - love!

The design is by Anita Shackelford ( called Modern Eccentric.  What do you think?  I already know my sister is going to be calling me asking for this quilt!!!  She may have to fight my girls though - the quilt is pink and purple.  HeeHee!
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, this design is incredible! Is it computerized or a panto or template or?