Monday, March 23, 2015


It's amazing to me how quilts can have such an impact on our lives.  I know we all make a lot of quilts for different charity organizations, so it was no surprise when we adopted our cat, Lindsay, a couple of years ago and they gave us a quilt to go with her.  Different ladies make and donate these cute little quilts to send home with each furry friend that gets adopted.

That quilt was a part of Lindsay's every day life.  It lay on the floor in her "room" and  I would always catch her rolling around on it playing with one of her toys.  I've never had an indoor/outdoor cat but Lindsay wanted to be both so we let her.  I can't believe how over just 2 years that I have formed the habit of looking outside to see her chasing a leaf or a bird or terrorizing a mouse.  I know a lot of you have visited my studio and found one of her "presents" that she left for me. 

In the beginning, before I moved my studio - she would always grab scraps of batting out of the trash in my studio and leave them by my bedside.  I always found that so amusing.

We put a collar with a nametag and a little bell on Lindsay when we decided to let her play outdoors.  She was so happy  - although I should have named her jingles because her neck constantly jingled.  Sadly, we found our Lindsay drowned in our neighbors pond.  We had a Memorial service for her yesterday and my daughter told me we had to wrap and bury her in her quilt.  That's when the tears started to flow. 

For those of you with furry friends - give them a big hug.  I know they are just like family members.  And if you haven't done so - make them a quilt too.  I know they will love and cherish it.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.  I'll post pictures of quilts soon!
Take care,


  1. I'm sorry about your poor kitty. Hugs to you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry about Lindsay! And that is so sweet that you got a quilt when you adopted her.