Monday, March 16, 2015

What are you working on?

Good Morning!  Earlier this year, I put out several buckets containing projects that I said I was going to finish this year.  Quite a lofty goal but I am slowly getting things done.  Here is an applique project that I am working on.  As much as the pieces are challenging at times, I am really loving how it is going.  What do you think?  What are you working on?  Send me some pictures if you would like:  Would love to see them!

Have a great day!  Richla


  1. what an adorable pattern and your fabric choices are awesome! what is your applique technique? Pat

  2. Thanks Pat! I do machine applique with the freezer paper method and the monofilament thread in the sewing machine with a tiny zig zag stitch. These shapes right now are glued down but not stitched down yet!

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