Monday, July 16, 2012

Only one more week...

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Only one week left until we leave for Disneyland.  Can't wait - I love Disney!  Here are a few more quilts that I finished.  The first one is by Linda.  We chose a design allover called Circus with purple thread and wool batting.  Love the striped fabric!  The second quilt is by Lyn.  This is one of her fabulous picnic quilts.  We used a design allover called Wild Mouse with orange thread and cotton batting.  The last one is by Diane.  This one is going to be a graduation present for her niece.  We used a design allover called In the Moment with a light gray thread and cotton batting.  The backing is a very shaggy minky.  Super soft.  Nice work ladies!

I got started late today on a wedding quilt that Kathy made.  Going to be lots of fun treasures on this quilt.  I'm slowly working my way down.  I'm in the process of putting in some feathers and flowers.  Can't wait to get it finished!!!  Take care, Richla

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