Wednesday, November 28, 2012

August Rain...

Good evening everyone!  Hope you had a great day today.  Except for getting my girls to and from school today and a trip to Home Depot, I stayed home and "kwilted" today.  I finished up Dorena's beautiful Christmas quilt and Eileen's lovely lavendar quilt.

On Dorena's quilt, I did quite a bit of custom quilting.  Plenty of treasures for Dorena to find when her quilt lands in the natural sun light.  I used feathers, swirls and stipple throughout this quilt.  I hid a snowflake in one of the corners and an ornament too.  Dorena brought her own cotton batting for this one and I used neutral thread throughout.  Nice work Dorena!  Dorena did bring this to me already embellished which made it quite tough to maneuver.  So for future reference, all embellishments should go on after a quilt is finished.  Regardless, I think it turned out great and only one button came off.  Phew!

On Eileen's quilt, we used a design allover called August Rain with a pale lavendar thread and cotton batting. This one is going to be a present for a girl friend.  Nice work both of you!  Hope you like the way they turned out!  Take care, Richla

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