Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tick Tock...

Holiday music is on the radio stations already!  Another reminder that the clock is ticking and the holidays are almost here!  I finished up Debra's quilt Friday along with a few small ones.  We went and got our flu shots this morning and are fixing to leave for another birthday party.  My day is shot  but I might be able to get another allover quilt done tomorrow morning.  On Monday I am starting a king size wedding ring quilt which is going to be custom quilted.  This will take me all the way to Thanksgiving day but I will post pictures as I progress down the quilt.  Phew!

On Debra's quilt we used wool batting and black thread with leaves, swirls and pinecones allover.  The second one is an adorable baby quilt that Linda made.  She brought her own cotton batting and we used Wild Mouse allover with white thread.  The next one is by Lyn.  On this cute table topper we used a design called Drop of Paisley with a khaki thread and cotton batting.  And finally, I finished up Chris's quilt.  We used wool batting, a light green thread and a design called Sticky Buns.  Love the minky on the back of this one.  Nice work ladies!  Have a great weekend, Richla

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