Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inspection process...

Did you know that I have inspectors that check every quilt that comes through my door?  Every day, when my little ones get home from school they walk through my sewing studio and look at the quilts in the bag and on the frame.  They always ask me who made the quilt.  After, I answer their question, they say "It's pretty!" and off they go leaving it with their stamp of approval.

Then there are those days when I hear "MOMMMMMMY!  WHO MADE THIS QUILT?  IS IT OURS?  DID YOU MAKE IT?  It always makes me laugh to hear the excitement in their voices.  Almost always, I have to answer that "No, it is not for them and who made it".  This is always followed by,  "Can we have it?  or Will you make us one just like it?"  As they leave, I know that they have left it with a Golden seal of approval.  :)

Here is one of those quilts that has received the Golden Seal of Approval.  This lovely modern quilt was made by Lisa for her daughter's bed.  Her daughter picked a design that we used allover called Paisley Feather with white thread and Lisa brought her own warm and white batting.  And there is the shaggiest white minky on the back -deluxe!    Lisa, can you leave a comment with the name of the book or the pattern?  I'm sure people would love to know.  Nice work!  My girls LOVED it!  Hope your daughter likes it too!  Take care,  Richla

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